You can restore or even increase your physical performance through effective, jointly created and guided training.

Treatment / Therapy

We are glad to help you to recovery with a professional and tailored treatment after musculoskeletal injuries and operations ...
We work not only in the area of ​​pain, but try to find the trigger as this can be in a completely different place, thus bringing the entire body into balance.  Also associated with each treatment there is a segmental massage in the area of ​​pain, in order to soften or release blockages resulting in more durable and relaxed muscles.
For the mobilization of joints we use, among other things, “Dorn’s” soft technology in which the reduction is achieved by auto- motion.
Also, each treatment includes work on existing trigger points.
This, also known as points of pain, reduce our range of motion and are often the triggers for sensory loss and neuropathy.


Pamper yourself with a relaxing and invigorating massage ...

Our massage is a mix of the classic massage and eastern techniques.
We release your tensions and trigger points, and at the same time we also work on the power lines of the body to eliminate energetic blockages.

Detoxification massage with cold-pressed almond oil and sea salt or volcanic soil help excrete the target toxins, heavy metals, toxins and waste products through the skin. The body has this placed into the subcutaneous adipose tissue in order to relieve our system. It is a gentle, pleasant full body massage which runs in lymph flow.
What is the difference between sea salt and volcanic soil:

Sea salt stimulates circulation and drives fluids to the surface, so that floating particles that are located in the capillaries and into the cytosol of the skin tissue, are excreted by the rush of the salt.
It is highly recommended for dry and tired skin. The salt also works as an exfoliant and removes dead skin particles so that the skin can breathe again and feels younger and firmer.

The volcanic earth on the other hand diffuses during the massage through the skin into the interior of the body. Since the atom of the earth is open to toxins and heavy metals, the earth atom is docked on the body and can also be transported through the blood circulation promoted by the massage on to the skin.
The volcanic soil massage is felt as liberating and relieving.

It is advised to stay covered, warm and relaxed lying down, for about half an hour after the detoxification massage. 

Only when ready should you get up and take a shower if wished. 

To achieve optimum relaxation and maximum therapeutic results in a familiar atmosphere, I can visit you at your home.