In these times of mass production, pre-prepared products, acidic soil and rain, pesticides, metals, toxins, stress, and the desire to constantly have all types of food on the table, our minds have become incapable of re-thinking.

The trend in recent years shows on the one hand, the greed - and thus the exploitation of all resources - more extreme, but on the other hand,  will also wake up, more and more people around the world to realizing how important a balanced, healthy, high quality food is for a healthy life.

This year I resolve myself to ignore my arch nemesis in culinary choices and pay much more attention to that angelic voice helping me dine sensibly.

Green vegetable and herbs smoothie with heart of poppy and sesame seeds. Love for a healthy raw food concept.

We would like to show in concrete ways, how a healthy diet may look and also explain what the so-called "unhealthy" diet has to do with acidity or the formation of free radicals and how exactly they come to be.

We hope with this, to expand your knowledge and your awareness so that we, and thus the world, can be healthier again.

We are also happy to advise you online on questions about a healthy and lively diet.

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