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By studying the human body and its expression of imbalance due to illness and, through many years of self experience with countless aches and many attempts of healing, we have come to the conclusion that there is little real improvement through medicines, in reality only suppression of symptoms. It is much more important to carry on the search for the real reasons, to take responsibility and change as needed to recuperate ones equilibrium.

Of course, it is inevitable in acute suffering that one should see the doctor or naturopaths.

However, it should not be forgotten that all suffering and pain we feel is our body sending us signals telling us where and what’s not in balance. As we know there are, distributed over the body, many micro systems such as in the ear, the hands, the gut … which all say: Every organ and each body part transmit an aspect of the positive and negative state of my self-expression.

Using kinesiology we are able to obtain an ‘is’ condition of the body in all its facets (physical, biochemical and mental = emotional, mental), then we can find the right treatment for you.

We work closely with the resident doctors and naturopaths.

Our service


We offer massages; to relax, for pain and for animating, also for sport and leisure, as well as guided training, set up training programs for the home and help with musculoskeletal problems with a thorough treatment.


Through the instrument of Kinesiology we are able, after creating a case history, to form a full-body image in all its facets and to see which cleansing or change- therapies are best advised for you.


This therapy is the first and most important introduction to body-cleansing, as the large intestine is the greatest excretory organ in our bodies, and nearly all excretions pass through the colon. Since most of our immunity is in this area, cleansing is very important.

Body cleansing

In addition to the intestinal rehabilitation, it is also important that the rest of the body is free of waste i.e., heavy metals, toxins and stones, so the body can do its regenerative work undisturbed. We will gladly advise you about the why, when and how cleansing can be achieved.

Health advice

Not only is body healing important for a healthy life, but also our environment,  i.e., the workplace, bedroom, electro-pollution, harmful rays, geo-stress, exercise, thoughts, and even our mental patterns …


The theme of today’s acidification, grew out of countless diseases. Therefore, it is important to check what, when and why I eat. We would like to help you find the diet that best suits you.

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